Conference Proposal

Thanks for your interest in submitting a Conference proposal for WOMEX 18, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Spain, 24-28 October 2018!

Conference Proposal

Please see below the required steps in order to complete your application.

Step One

Complete this form including the following information:
- Biography of main speaker (max. 330 characters)
- Session summary (max. 900 characters)

Step Two

Upload the following information:
- Two photos (300 dpi, one landscape and one portrait). Do not forget the photo credits if required!


Being a community platform, the WOMEX Conference welcomes proposals from all areas and on a diversity of topics - you are the expert, thus you design the session including the speakers and the subject.
Drawing on over 20 years of conference experience we have some recommendations for your session proposal:
  • Think of how you create interactivity amongst all participants - leave time for questions in the 45 minutes you've got!
  • Do not include more than three speakers.
  • Focus on transporting/creating hands-on knowledge for all participants to take home from your session.
  • Select a specific topic, rather than something general.
WOMEX delegates expect skillfully presented sessions which provide solid information of use. Popular and especially preferred topics include new trends and technologies; music's role in shaping regional developments and identities; education and world music in the next generations; insights to musical traditions as well as 'must-know' current trends in the global club music scene; regional state-of-the-market discussions; insights to brands- and synch opportunities; how-to sessions... you get the idea.

The session format can range from the "one-expert, one-case" type to interactive formats, in which the audience can weigh in with their professional knowledge - every format is possible (max. three speakers). The aim is for the delegates to broaden their network as well as take home individual ideas and advice.
The usual conference session length is 45 minutes; longer on special request only. Include enough open-mic time for discussion.

See our archive to get a better idea of the WOMEX Conference and its topics.

Please note that all sessions are held in English. WOMEX will provide a free registration, granting full access to all five WOMEX days to every speaker and mentor. WOMEX is not in the position to cover any fees, travel or other costs. As a basic principle, WOMEX speakers should benefit from attending WOMEX beyond their session.

WOMEX will also provide the conference room, necessary equipment, etc etc.


The deadline to finish your complete proposal (including uploads) is Friday 16 March 2018.
If you have any questions, please email


Experts and industry greats are also called upon to share their knowledge on all manner of key areas such as live production & touring, label & publishing, PR, new tools & technologies with WOMEX delegates via the One-to-One or Roundtable Mentoring Sessions. Mentoring sessions are held in English.

One-to-One Mentoring: Consult 5 mentorees for 15 minutes each on a topic of your choice on two WOMEX days (90 minutes per day in total).

Roundtable Mentoring: Lead a 45-minute group discussion (approx. 5 participants) on a topic of your choice on two WOMEX days.


Please note that WOMEX is not in the position to cover any fees, travel or other costs. We will, however, offer one free registration granting full access to WOMEX to every conference speaker and Mentor.

WOMEX will also provide the conference room, necessary equipment, and special PR treatment (presentation of speakers and session in the Guide, on the website, in our newsletter etc.).